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Battery usage - borkdude - 07-03-2018

Since I'm using FocusMe my battery is draining faster. This is not so great, since I work from coffee places a lot and didn't have to bring my charger before.
Is there a solution for this?

[Image: DhKumx0X4AAKTUC.jpg:large]

RE: Battery usage - jon - 07-03-2018

Hi, what version of FocusMe is this? How many and what plans do you have enabled?

It might be better to deal with this via our support:

RE: Battery usage - biegal - 11-24-2018


Were you able to solve above issue?
I'm just starting to use focusMe and it's already number one battery drain app :/

I'm using version

RE: Battery usage - jon - 11-28-2018

Hi, sorry about this. Due to some changes in the Mojave operating system FocusMe may still require a bit more CPU than before. This is because Apple removed support for OpenGL. We are working on a fix for this now. Thanks