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Postpone Feedback and Requests - Caraamon - 04-22-2022

So the idea behind postpone seems to me that days vary and sometimes it's pretty inconvenient to get blocked in the middle of something, but it still needs to happen at some point.

The way it works now, any postponed time is subtracted from the block time, shortening the block. So if you postpone a 60 minute block period by 10 minutes, you are only blocked for 50 minutes.

So firstly, I'd like to ask for the option to have any postponed time added to the end of the block period, so it postpones the entire block time. For example, if you postpone a 60 minute block for any amount of time, then after the delay you still get blocked for the full 60 minutes. In addition, if it runs into a second block time, it's just added on to end of the block period.

This would let me account for daily variations without making me feel like the postpone option is just a way to shorten the block period, something I find myself abusing. With this way there would be no benefit to postponing if I'm not actually in the middle of something.

Secondly, I'd also like to have the option to set the postpone time from a pool of minutes, rather than a number of activations. For example, I could set it so I have a pool of 60 minutes, and if I delay my first block period by 15 minutes, then I can only delay the others by a maximum of 45 minutes. And with this, I'd also like the option to cancel a delay if I finish something early, and regain any "unspent" postpone time.

For the record, the first bit is FAR more important to me than the second, which would just be nice.

Apologies if either has been suggested before, but I rarely come to the forums unless I have something to suggest.

RE: Postpone Feedback and Requests - jon - 04-22-2022

Hi Caraamon,

On the first point, that's a good one! I presume you are talking about 'Simple Timer' plans instead of scheduled ones? I'll get it fixed ASAP.

Great feature request on the pool of minutes delay! We'll put in on our possible list of features to implement.


RE: Postpone Feedback and Requests - Caraamon - 04-22-2022

(04-22-2022, 06:43 PM)jon Wrote: I presume you are talking about 'Simple Timer' plans instead of scheduled ones?
I'm not a high level user so I may be misunderstanding, but I use weekly schedule with a few daily variations that blocks everything to force myself to get up and do stuff.

When I use the postpone function it simply delays the start of the block period without altering the end time, shortening the block period by the delay time. I'd like an option to have it literally shift the block period later however much time I postpone it by, without shortening it.

I need the postpone function because sometimes I can't end things by the block start time, but at the same time even if I can end it in time, I often find myself abusing the postpone to shorten the block period.

Hope that makes sense.

RE: Postpone Feedback and Requests - jon - 04-25-2022

I see. I am afraid that would be quite difficult to implement, and possibly a confusing option because with a scheduled plan, you would expect it to end at a set time.

Maybe you could try out the 'Simple Timer' option? Having checked now I can see that the time is already adjusted for a pause, so maybe that will work better for your purposes?

With Simple Timer you can also enable 'Confirm time on start' so you can easily adjust the duration of the block you are starting.

RE: Postpone Feedback and Requests - Caraamon - 04-25-2022

Looking into the Simple Timer more, that does seem like it's perfect.

Thank you.