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My system - Jedi-Diah - 08-08-2020

So I'm trying to come up with my plan, this is what I'm thinking:

I only want to have access to social apps/sites in the afternoon (between 13:00 and 17:00) during weekdays and maybe a little longer on Saturdays, so for that I'll create a Block plan. 
I also want to limit my time to 10 minutes a day on each of those apps/sites, so I'll schedule a limit on each app individually (10 min for FaceBook, 10 min for Instagram, YouTube, etc).
Streaming apps like Prime Video or Hulu will be blocked except on weekends with a 2.5 hour limit.
If I have to watch a YouTube video for school I can use the library.
News sites will also have a limit, but I haven't decided how yet.


RE: My system - alejandro - 08-14-2020

Hi Jedi-Diah! I suggest just grouping facebook, IG, twitter, etc as one and make a general time limit for it (i.e. 30 mins for all) - still your choice though. Wink
All other seems good!