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Block unsafe search engines - megaroeny - 06-20-2020

Hello! I was trying to figure out a better way to block unsafe search engines from the start. I am primarily using this for blocking adult content, as an adult. I've used similar tools, and they usually have a built-in filter that just blocks all unsafe search engines that cannot enforce safe search. So typically the only search engines that are allowed are Google and Bing.

I see that you have a Regex rule builder, but I was hoping I could suggest that with the app, you include a Plan that already has this built-in. Similar to the Adult Sites one.


RE: Block unsafe search engines - alejandro - 06-24-2020

This is nice to have together with a plan to block all VPNs as well! Smile

RE: Block unsafe search engines - megaroeny - 06-24-2020

Yeah that's the challenge always, is the VPNs. For me, I sometimes need to use a VPN for work, but that's just on my work MacBook, which I wouldn't ever use to browse explicit material. Plus, it would get blocked anyway by our own solution (we use Sophos Endpoint).

I think using the keywords for adult content actually works really well on it's own, I'm impressed!