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Can plans 'layer'? - Flowers6 - 06-09-2020

For my child's computer I have a plan that does the following:

Blocking Internet browser 24/7 with only certain allowed websites required for online school on the white list.  
This allows him freedom to use the sites with no limits.  

I want to run a second plan that will allow him his allotted time for video games on a weekly basis - with freedom as to when he uses it.  It just counts down over the course of the week and when he is through, it blocks all the videogame sites and apps until the week is done.  
I made the Video Game plan with a Time Limit Rule, and placed all video game apps and websites in the 'block'.  

This Video Game plan conflicts with the Blocking Internet browser plan - in that the blocking internet browser won't allow the video game websites. 

If I 'white list' the specific game websites he uses in the blocking Internet browser plan, will the Video Game plan still count the use of those sites against the timelimit set for the week?  Or will this just confuse FM?

Anyone have experience doing this type of layering of plans to get desired effect?

RE: Can plans 'layer'? - alejandro - 06-17-2020

Hi JL! Plans don't layer so it may cause a conflict with other plans. I suggest creating a scheduled plan so that you can allot a time window for your child to play video games. Smile

RE: Can plans 'layer'? - Flowers6 - 06-17-2020

Thanks for the reply Alejandro.
Good to know that it doesn't work to layer the plans.
But it would be a good thing to consider for future updates if it is technically possible.
For those using FM to act as a parental control- it would allow giving kids a limit of quantity of time spent, but giving them the freedom to decide when to use it (within non-school hours) - a very valuable function.

RE: Can plans 'layer'? - alejandro - 06-19-2020

You're welcome! This seems to be a really useful feature to have. Smile