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lag issue - Flowers6 - 05-27-2020

Hello - I have FM working on 2 laptops - they are of very similar age and capacity/speed.
I find that FM works at an expected 'response speed' on one, but on the other, it seems to lag in responsiveness. 
Lagging examples: 
  • when I begin to type the password in the field, I can type 6 characters before I see any of the dots appear.
  • when I scroll the plans with the mouse, the movement of the plan list is delayed after I scroll the mouse wheel.
  • when I am trying to drag the schedule slider in making a plan, it delays in responding to my mouse click
On this machine I don't experience this type of lag in any other application.  
Any thoughts on what is making FM work slowly in this case?


RE: lag issue - jon - 05-27-2020

Hi JL, this is one for our support department, rather than the community. Please visit this link: