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experience with FM & SKYPE - Flowers6 - 05-15-2020

Hello FM Community,

I am wondering if anyone has experience utilizing FM to limit the use of Skype.
My kids use skype's chat feature for messaging their friends all throughout the homeschool day.  
I am wanting to limit the amount of time they spend on it to certain points of the day. 
Skype has an ability to notify when new messages come up and I'm wondering if FM can stop this (as it is one of the most distracting issues)
Also - if the kids try to launch the Skype screen which is running in the background while a FM plan is blocking it - will it flash the screen momentarily (thereby letting them see their messages)?  Is there a way have FM shut down the program completely?

RE: experience with FM & SKYPE - JB007 - 05-15-2020

Hi Flowers,

I'm assuming you have prior knowledge on how plans are setup regarding the scheduling aspect (i.e. time limit and launch limit features), so I will only outline something that should target the Skype app. If they are using Skype through a browser it should be easier as you simply block/limit the URL/s.

In the plan wizard in the applications screen, click "add app". We will make two Custom entries (furthest right tab).

Make sure "Process Name" is selected upper right and copy/paste this exact snippet in bold, (?i)\b(Skype.exe)\b

Next make sure "Application Name" is selected in the upper right and copy/paste this exact snippet in bold, (?i)\b(Skype)\b

Make sure to check the "RegEx" box to the right on each line on the application screen and it should work no problems.

As to my knowledge the message feature utilizes the application process and/or name, these two codes will target only the Skype application. The RegEx method targets elements instantly in my experience, so if the blocking settings are setup correctly they shouldn't even be able to get the window open unless authorized.

As for notifications, I'm not sure. But again using the built in Helper (right click on the icon), you should be able to identify all needed elements.

Hope that helps

RE: experience with FM & SKYPE - jon - 05-17-2020

Hi Flowers6! & thanks JB007!

However in fact, I don't think using RegEx will be necessary. Process blocking in case insensitive by default anyway.

The main thing I would suggest is to block 'skype.exe' by Process Name and enable the option Settings->System->Blocking of Background App (by Process Name/Path). That should do the trick I think! Smile

This guide should also help you:

If you need any further help, feel free to reach out to support.