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intro - any other parents out there? - Flowers6 - 05-07-2020

I'm joining the Focus Me communities after deciding to try the program as a 'Parental Control' tool which has more fine-tuning options than many out there.  My kids use online classes and many websites in our homeschool.  We found most sual parental controls are geared towards limiting non academic screen time and have a rather broad brush approach to limits.  
I was wanting a program that could handle situations like: 
  • blocking a browser while allowing an app (ie Zoom) so that kids aren't surfing the web while they should be in class
  • giving short amounts of time accessing google searches but limiting frequency or amount of time/hour
It was a 'Eureka' moment when I discovered that the productivity bandwagon was where I could find such features.  
I hope that FM will be able to help keep my kids using their computers efficiently, and also help them learn productivity-hacks from the get-go.

Any other parents out there using FM for their kids?  Would love to exchange ideas here.
I think that our online schools would do well to direct parents to this type of software, or even partner with a company such as FM as I know I'm not alone in feeling like distraction is a huge battle for kids in online classes. 


RE: intro - any other parents out there? - alejandro - 06-08-2020

Hey JL! Welcome to the community! Glad you found FocusMe and was able to help you out in controlling your kid's online activity. Smile