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FocusMe Roadmap - jon - 02-13-2020

Greetings everyone!
How are you all doing? Up till now, we've used our community forums to review your feature requests. It was really helpful and a lot has been addressed and implemented since then, thanks to all of you!

I would like to introduce to you  FocusMe Roadmap. We think it will be an easier way of way of pushing your ideas. It also has an upvoting feature which would help us to prioritize ideas depending on demand.

Please start sending your ideas on FocusMe Roadmap moving forward. Let's make FocusMe better than ever!
Stay productive,


RE: FocusMe Roadmap - Senne - 04-10-2020

Hi Jon,

I love the FocusMe Roadmap and I've already added a request.
Thanks! Smile


RE: FocusMe Roadmap - lupuleasa.ionut - 07-20-2020


you can also use website, I know gaming companies use it for community requests
(instead of developing one yourself, you can spare the dev effort Wink )


RE: FocusMe Roadmap - FocusMe Admin - 03-16-2021

Hope you guys are all doing well! Keep your feature requests coming! Smile

RE: FocusMe Roadmap - victorpatrick - 06-16-2023

Thank you for introducing the FocusMe Roadmap as a new platform for sharing feature requests and ideas. It's great to hear that the community forums have been helpful in the past, and I'm sure the new roadmap will make it even easier to collaborate and prioritize ideas.
The upvoting feature is a valuable addition as it allows the community to show their support for certain ideas, helping you understand the demand and prioritize accordingly. It's a wonderful way to engage with users and work towards making FocusMe an even better productivity tool. Rainbow Friends: Chapter 2