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Focus Me Wont work cause of an error - ozdeger - 02-07-2020

watcherFm.exe gives a warning when i change a setting, i hoped it wouldnt cause any problems but i was wrong.
Focus me works on my other 2 pcs but not this one. i get the error msg from watcherfm.exe "Warning: the keyboard and / or mouse hook could not be activated; some parts of the script will not function.
after a 6 hour research i think i know why this happens.
from my reasearch this error appaers in other programs which use "hooks" as well and it might get broken since there is another program running which uses hooks at the same time than i realized that, my pcs "deep freeze" might be using hooks as well.
if i guessed the problem right what can i do to fix the issue, maybe i can allow focus me to override other hooks running at the same time ? idk
(btw deleting deep freeze is not an option for me)

RE: Focus Me Wont work cause of an error - alejandro - 02-12-2020

Hello there Ozdeger, welcome to the community!

Looks like a complicated issue you got there. Please reach out to our Support Team here so we could properly assist you. Kindly attach any supporting screenshots / log files there. Thank you!