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Feature Request: Automatic Break Scheduling - Caraamon - 01-25-2020

I've only been using this program a few months, but it's helped me quite a bit. The only major issue I have with this program is the way the automatic breaks work.

For background, my work and home computers are the same one, and I use the automatic break function to make sure I get everything done, while still letting me enjoy the computer. As a safety in case I really need to keep using the computer, I have a really long numeric password that I wrote down and put in a very inconvenient place to get to.

The issue is that when my workday is over, I either have to go get the password and disable breaks, which is purposefully annoying, and may mean I forget or "forget" to activate it the next day, or I have to completely disable the program, which means I can't use it to force myself to go to bed when I should.

So this is a really long way of asking for the ability to limit automatic breaks to certain time windows. In a perfect world I could have different windows for weekdays and weekends, but even just the ability to make it automatically turn off after 5 PM would be amazing.

Apologies if this is a common request, I did some skimming and didn't see anyone mention it.

RE: Feature Request: Automatic Break Scheduling - alejandro - 01-29-2020

Hi there Caraamon! Thank you for your suggestion! No worries, we still ready your suggestions one by one. Adding an 'end time' setting for the breaks is actually a good idea and it hasn't been brought up before. Smile