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Some suggestions and a bug - Jeroen - 01-09-2020


In the Opera browser, whenever I open a new tab, FocusMe seems to think I'm still using the last site I visited (statistics also show this). The current site blocking method I'm using is "open a new tab" (which I can't change right now). So whenever I enter a blocked website, FocusMe closes it, and then just endlessly keeps opening new tabs, because it thinks I'm still on that blocked site. This also used to happen in Edge, but it seems like you fixed it for Edge. Hopefully you can fix it for Opera as well, because it's pretty annoying.


-The launch limit option is great for things like email, so it just limits the number of times you open it. The issue, in my opinion, is that you always have a set time on that website. Sometimes I need to check my mail real quick, and sometimes I need 30 minutes to write a complicated mail. So I need to set the allowed time pretty high, which then allows for compulsively checking that site during those 30 minutes. Could it be an option to allow us to remove that timer? Like, open it as long as you like (or maybe even on a timer), but as soon as you close it, the allowed session is over?

-Maybe give one "free linking pass"? This sounds very vague, and I don't know whether it's possible to implement, but I would really like to have this feature.
Imagine you have blocked a site, like Youtube or Linkedin, and then you see a link to a Youtube video or Linkedin article that seems really worthwhile to watch/read. But you can't access it, so you're out of luck. It would be nice if you were able to give yourself a free pass to that one video or article. So that when you're on an allowed site, and you click a link which links to a blocked site, it allows that. But to prevent going down the rabbit hole once again, you can't go any further than that. So when you click a link to yet another video, that will be blocked. I hope you understand what I mean.

RE: Some suggestions and a bug - alejandro - 01-28-2020

Hi Jeroen! Sorry for replying late. Can you try the latest version if it's the same? You may also reach us out at our support page here

You have a really interesting suggestion you have there, let's wait and see if other users will find it useful for their needs as well. Smile