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Breaks should work like Plans - PRR - 09-17-2019

There are various problems with Break.

To give an example, I was trying to change from the daily mode to the weekly mode, and poof, I am locked out of my computer and have to type 1000 characters.  Why? I didn't know that the weekly mode would mean a break.  

If this worked like a Plan, I would first need to pause the plan, to play with it, shift from daily to weekly, realize that I don't want the current weekly plan and change it to what I want.

Another problem.  I was trying to edit the break, and poof, I am locked out completely because of a tiny mistake, and I have to type 1000 characters.

Missing features are:

1) Several break plans, each with its own active and passive protection.
2) Having end dates, start dates.
3) Make the break plan resume the next day automatically.

All these features would be useful.  In short, please make breaks function like plans!

RE: Breaks should work like Plans - alejandro - 09-18-2019

Hello PRR! Great to see you being active in our forums. Big Grin
Having being locked out for a tiny mistake is really a pain. We'll be improving how the break functions in our future releases. Thanks for this feedback!