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Hi everyone - jon - 06-16-2018

Hi all, & welcome to the FocusMe Community!

My name is Jon Rumens, and I am the founder of FocusMe.

When I first started working from home back in 2007, I discovered I had a huge problem with procrastination. There was always something more fun or just easier to do than my work! I finally reached crisis point and was way behind on all my projects, so I started looking for software that would help me block distractions. Everything I found was easy for me to bypass, so I decided to procrastinate one last time on my real job.. I invented FocusMe (back then Distraction Blocker). I started to share it with friends and gradually invest all my free time to improving the app.

I use FocusMe on a daily basis, and if I ever forget to use it, my old habits creep back in! This group is very important to me, as a forum to exchange productivity tips as well as to get feedback on my software. My weak-spot is checking my email too often!

Please introduce yourself in a new thread here. Smile