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Chromebook Version - dconey1 - 05-20-2019

Just a suggestion, but it would be nice to have a chromebook version of this application. I think it would be a trifecta in homes that carry every type of publicly soldĀ OS. Especially becauseĀ of how cheap chromebooks are.

RE: Chromebook Version - jon - 05-27-2019

Hi, thanks for the suggestion! It would be good to know if others are interested in this too. So far we had more requests for Linux so were planning to do that first.

RE: Chromebook Version - HocusFocus - 07-08-2019

I'm interested in this, too, so that's at least one more person requesting it.

What's funny is that on a Chromebook you can currently install the Android version of FocusMe from the Play store and it runs, but it doesn't seem to recognize all the apps installed on the machine.

RE: Chromebook Version - alejandro - 07-31-2019

Hey HocusFocus,

Thanks for letting us know, and it does seem like there are users asking for this. We'll let the dev team know about this so they can consider adding it soon!