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Warning before the Pomodoro breaks - emsadventures - 05-09-2019

Smile I have a couple of suggestions that I hope the team will consider. 
I am having trouble with the pomodoro break timer suddenly blanking the screen with no warning while I am in the middle of watching a video. I can't pause the video while the break timer is on so I have to mute the computer and go for my break. When I come back, I have to try and find my place again, which is a bit annoying. I would like to be reminded 30sec to 1min (5mins is too long) before the timer goes off so that I can exit out and pause whatever I'm doing.  Smile

I also have another suggestion. It would be great to be able to block websites by location or network! 
Thank you for such a great tool!  Smile Heart

RE: Suggestions - jon - 05-27-2019

Hi, and thanks for the nice feedback! Smile

Adding the 30 second warning before the Pomodoro breaks will be easy to do. Leave that with us!

As for the location block this has been requested before. Please add your vote to that thread! Smile

RE: Warning before the Pomodoro breaks - jon - 05-28-2019

Hi, the 30 second notification has been added in version Smile

Just visit to get it now or it will appear as an available upgrade in the app in the coming days.

RE: Warning before the Pomodoro breaks - emsadventures - 06-04-2019

Thanks for this Jon! So sorry I didn't see this reply before.

RE: Warning before the Pomodoro breaks - Balloba - 06-14-2019

Hello, i have a similar issue, not for pomodoros but specifically for scheduled plans. 30 seconds is still not enough, for example if i'm playing a game i don't have enough time to save my progress. I would like it to be extended to at least 2-3 minutes before the plan starts. Also, not sure if already works this way, for plans that start and stop multiple time a day is important to have a warning every time. Thanks