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Feedback / Suggestions Compilation 14/3 - jacknagy - 03-14-2019

System Info

Primary use on a Windows 10 desktop, secondary use on a Windows 10 laptop, primary browser is Firefox.

  • Unless I'm missing something, to schedule a plan for all day you have to first click-drag on the bar, *then* manually type in 00:00-24:00. Would be nice to have a single checkbox to immediately enable all-day effect.

  • Would be nice to be able to re-order my plans in the list via click and drag!

  • Would be nice to have a changeable time interval for the "periodically force browsers active" option. The current interval can interrupt work.

  • Would be nice to have a "Do not periodically force browsers active while fullscreen enabled" option — I love the concept of checking for background browser use while idle, but this doesn't seem to gel well with genuinely watching longer videos (or documentaries etc.) as acceptable use.

  • It's a little frustrating to me that many of the general settings are bound by this "Can't change while a plan is active" rule, which effectively ties the security of that setting to the highest level of security that exists for an active plan. This effectively means that Forced plans cannot ever be made 24/7 without also completely locking the general settings, and seems a bit... too harsh. Should I really have to type in, say, 7,000 random characters to disable all my plans, just to change it so website blocks send me home instead of closing the tab? I understand that it might be clunky to have every setting have individual password protection, but I'd definitely like to be able to change settings if needed without also having to bypass every active plan. Maybe hard from a UI perspective, but can we maybe group options by "impact", or maintain a separate 'settings password', etc?

  • For users who do like the status quo of the settings changes, perhaps "Can't edit settings while any plans are active" could be an option in and of itself? If this change does get made, I'd super appreciate "off" being default so I don't have to go through the tedious process above :p
  • I notice there is a "backup settings daily" option... does this just back up the entirety of the profile, or can it back up and differentiate between specific plans as well? It would be nice to be able to "export" or "import" plans individually or as a bunch, especially for use on multiple computers.

RE: Feedback / Suggestions Compilation 14/3 - glenn - 03-22-2019

We hear you on your suggestions, and we'll soon be improving how FocusMe looks and feels to the user. We consider everything you suggest here and this is basically where the devs look for ideas for new features! So thank you for all your suggestions, we'll make sure the devs consider all of them.

As for your query, The backup settings daily does just that - FocusMe backs up the settings.ini file which holds all plans and settings on a daily basis. There's really no separation of plans, rather the backup is done every day so you can differentiate via date instead.