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Solved: Process Blocking Windows Store Apps - Palagen - 03-04-2019

If you want to block windows 10 store apps by process, you will not be able to use the Focusme helper tool to find the name of the process as it will give you ApplicationFrameHost.exe. To find the actual process that the app runs on you can use the command in the command prompt: "tasklist /APPS" after starting the target app. This will display all the processes which are being used to run windows store apps.

A few I have found from this and personally tested include:

  • windows store: WinStore.App.exe
  • Xbox app: XboxApp.exe
  • Films & Tv: Video.UI.exe
  • Microsoft Edge: MicrosoftEdge.exe
  • Facebook Messenger: WinUAPEntry.exe
There appear to be a few system processes which are also listed when you use the command so be careful when choosing processes to block when using this method.

Blocking by process for these windows store apps enables them to be blocked by FocusmeĀ even when their window is inactive.

I would recommend this method also be shown in the help guides.

RE: Process Blocking Windows Store Apps - jon - 03-07-2019

Very helpful! We'll also take a look to see if we can make FocusMe show the correct process for those modern apps. Smile

RE: Process Blocking Windows Store Apps - RootsToSky - 03-11-2019

This is a great post & exactly an issue I'm trying to solve - specifically with OneNote UWP - But... It doesnt seem to work.

My issue is that I want a fully restricted lockdown with a few exceptions to force me into a creative work mode. Instead of blocking apps one at a time, its farrr easier to just block them all, and then whitelist the ones I want. But then this brings me to the ApplicationFrameHost issue with OneNote...

I've tried every possible option, process path, window title, FocusMe Helper, etc etc and they all wont work in this scenario...

Hope to see a workaround for this!

RE: Process Blocking Windows Store Apps - jon - 03-13-2019

Hey, I have some great news!

Windows 10 store apps should be now fully supported! You should see the correct application and process name instead of ApplicationFrameHost.

Update will be rolling out soon. Smile

p.s. for anyone wondering we were also able to solve the issue for RootsToSky with window title matching, but it will be easier now.

RE: Solved: Process Blocking Windows Store Apps - ElissaStone - 08-28-2020

Sometimes I get enough to buy cell phones that have a window app, but thanks to your advice I can understand it.