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Louder sound for timers - arianabauer - 08-20-2018

I get really zoned into my work and I would love it if the sound for the notification could be changeableĀ and maybe louder than the other sounds on my computer. I don't really notice it alongside my music when I am working.

RE: Louder sound for timers - glenn - 08-23-2018

This is a good idea. It might also be helpful to people with disabilities using FocusMe.

RE: Louder sound for timers - elizabeth - 09-28-2018

A third vote for louder and/or customizable sounds. I use music while studying but I sometimes miss the timer because it's so soft.

RE: Louder sound for timers - jon - 11-03-2018

Hi, we have now improved the sounds and notifications for 'Pomodoro' plans in update We still plan to allow customisations soon, but hopefully this may help?