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Full Version: Creating goals of productivity time for a specific software
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Hey, FocusMe team

I'm really loving the software up to this point, and I have some suggestions for new features to implement.
I would like to set up daily, weekly and monthly goals with certain software as well as tracking the time specifically for them. And then creating goals of use time, like 4 hours per day, 30 hours a week or 120 hours a month and so on. A practical example, I would like to choose a software to track (ex.: ZBrush), and the FocusMe app would save the time of this app as usual, but also return an overview of how much time I dedicated for this software at the end of a day, week or month (user choice, for me to see easily how my time is being allocated for this specific software).
Also, as a bonus, the FocusMe could return this report, but also give important details on how this software was used. If I didn't hit my objective of 4 hours a week, for instance, the report would show which software I'm spending my time instead of the one I wanted to focus on.

Thanks and keep up the good work, guys!
Hi Lucathyel, sorry for late reply. Your post was awaiting moderation but this is fixed now.

Thanks for the suggestion. This is a feature we indeed plan to implement in the not too distant future. Smile
So excited to start using my new productivity software! I'm setting some goals for myself to use it more efficiently.
(11-16-2022, 12:21 PM)Moodl Wrote: [ -> ]So excited to start using my new productivity software! I'm setting some goals for myself to use it more efficiently.

We're glad to hear that, Moodl! Please feel free to share what are your goals and how you're using FocusMe so far! Smile  Also, feel free to look around for some productivity/focus tips!
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