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Full Version: Pomodoro "lunch break" super long break
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Thanks for such a great program, I really think it will be an even better replacement for me than RescueTime. 

I use the pomodoro technique so I really appreciate that you all have that in your system. However, I have a suggestion for a tweak.

I try to do 4 pomodoro cycles, then a long break, then another 4, then a lunch break (usually an hour, lunch with a coworker, mentee or mentor), then another 4 - long break - 4 pomodoros, then go home. 

I appreciate that I can set the time for my short and long breaks, but it would be helpful if I could have one plan to run when I get to the office that would do the following :
4 - 25minute/5minute cycles of pomodoro
1 - 15 minute long break
4 - 25minute/5minute cycles of pomodoros
1 - 60 minute Lunch break
4 - 25minute/5minute cycles of pomodoro
1 - 15 minute long break
4 - 25minute/5minute cycles of pomodoros

I considered doing it as a scheduled focus time pattern, but I get to the office at different times each day and i don't want it to start without me or have to wait for it to start. 

To sum up, I appreciate the pomodoro system and the ability to set focus times, as well as two types of break times, but I would like a "full work day with lunch hour" type-pomodoro plan that I could start in the morning and it would hold me accountable all day. 

I hope this makes sense, let me know if you need clarifications.


This looks like a good idea, elizabeth.

The pomodoro feature of FocusMe cannot currently do something like this. Hopefully soon it will be available. In the meantime I would suggest you setup something like this:

- Pomodoro count: 4mins
- Pomodoro duration: 25mins
- Short break duration: 5mins
- Long break Duration: 15mins

This would more or less make up a quarter of your shift, so you would have to start the plan multiple times within the day (ie, start of shift, after 15min break, after lunch break).

Hope this helps. Cheers