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Full Version: Is there any way to block the Steam Community but not Steam entirely?
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I want to prevent myself from being able to access the Steam Community pages ever again but I don't want to block the Steam app entirely. I'm going to attempt to figure out how to do this on my own but if anyone else has any solutions or advice that would be much appreciated.

Okay, I've figured something out. It's a bit unorthodox and not at all how I imagined it would be but it works. I have a plan set to block steamwebhelper.exe that minimizes it every time I try to do virtually anything on Steam. I can still open up Steam and click around for a bit before it minimizes it again, but this works; I can boot up my games (which I didn't want to block) with a few clicks here and there but getting sucked into the endless stream of Steam Community threads and artwork is now marginally more difficult.

I'm sure there was some kind of better solution I could've done with Regex but this works well enough.
Thanks, among1. your suggestion is great.
You can edit the hosts file on your computer to block access to specific websites. By adding an entry to redirect the Steam Community URLs to a non-existent or blocked IP address, you can effectively prevent access to those pages. Keep in mind that modifying the hosts file requires administrative privileges, and the changes will affect all users on the computer.