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Full Version: I just renewed my subscription, do any of these features got implemented?
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I was looking for these:

- Having a holiday budget (that coincides with my work holidays) that I can use to take days off when I have days off

- Having a master unlock password that I can give to my girlfriend (or a parent) that will unlock all codes instantly (If I want to keep a FocusMe "guardian")

- Is there any way to add scaling difficulty for the random passwords (for instance, first pause is 50 chars, second pause is 100, third is 150, etc.)

- Does the Android app finally added a button for "Re-enable this plan each day"?

Thank you.

I know I requested most of them in the past, and it would disappoint me to see most of them not being supported Undecided
Hi Lupuleasa! Fret not, all suggestions here and in the Feature requests page are actually being read by our development team. Pretty sure they're just prioritizing some major issues first (e.g. the settings reset bug), etc. Smile