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Full Version: Add a feature : Maximum number of "tasks" for a specific software
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Hi, i'm a professional poker player and i'm using your application to force myself to take some breaks during the day to avoid tilting. Your app is doing a perfect job at it but i'd like to know if a feature could be added : a way to limit the number of table i'm playing. So in your app that would mean that you limit the number of windows (or processes of the application ? I don't know) i can open by limiting it. Every online table i seat on open a new window of the poker application so i'm sure there is a way to limit it. I know a lot of poker player friends who would be interested in such a feature because it doesn't exist anywhere else and would be a really big money saver, and i'm sure it can be applied to others uses. Thanks for reading me, Olivier.


Hi Oliver, welcome to the community! Glad FocusMe was able to help you in someway. With your situation, you could limit the number launches of your application or website.

Here's a guide for that: How to use the Launch Limiter

If you have questions or other concerns, you may chat with us at Smile
Hi, thx for your answer. The launch limiter could'nt help me with that because i need to be able to close for example a pokerstars window that doesnt interest me anymore just to open a new one, and this i as much as i want during my session. I would need something that doesnt allow me to have more than 6 "pokerstars windows"/tables at the same time, not that i cannot open 6 tables during my session.
Hello there, Olivier! Hope you're doing fine. Jumping in here to let you know that all feature requests that'd help you guys, even more, are highly encouraged. May we ask your help to create one and vote over here:

Our development team is constantly on the lookout. They would analyze the feasibility and number of similar requests from customers before taking a call on development. We'll definitely get back to you as soon as we have an update. Smile