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Full Version: Postpone end date while plan is still active
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First of all, thank you for this amazing application. One of the best purchases I ever made. 

The application is almost perfect for me. But there is one feature I badly want to see added. 

I use Focusme to cope with certain addictions, and for the most part, it works great. I have constructed several plans and I use the "just block" feature with the daily/weekly schedule (I select the 24h period for each day of the week), and then I "force" block the plan.

However, I never create a plan for more than two weeks in advance (I just don't feel able to do so, and also, there are settings that I want to modify once in a while [e.g., allow sync] and that is not possible while a plan is active). 

When I approach the end date of my plan, I would like to have a button to postpone the end date while the plan is still active. Otherwise, I have to clone the plan, schedule another end date on the cloned plan, and delete the original plan once its end date is reached.

I know that you can postpone the timer when using the "time limit" option, but then I have to calculate manually how long I need to set the timer for it to end up on the same date as previously created plans (e.g. to change a feature in the setting menu), and that is not practical. 

For me, this feature would complete an already awesome application. 

Thank you!!
Thanks for sharing this idea, @Alexandre! I think this would really be useful in the circumstances you mentioned. I'll notify our devs regarding this. Smile