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Full Version: Android feature request - sync plan between desktop and mobile
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Sorry if this was requested before - couldn't find anything.

It'll be great if plans can be synced between desktop and mobile. On my Mac, I have a vast number of rules and blocked websites. It'll take me an hour (minimum) to copy and type everything into FocusMe Android. It's a large chunk of time I'd prefer not to spend. If syncing is too troublesome to implement anytime soon, at the very least we should be able to export and import text lists (of websites to block). That way, if I change phones or do a factory reset, I wouldn't need to enter everything from scratch.

Right now I only have a fraction of the websites (blocked on my laptop) also blocked on my new phone, simply because entering it all is so difficult. I'll get it done eventually, but I already had multiple instances of procrastinating on my phone because of this.
Hi Jarvis! Yes, this has been requested before and I believe our development team is already on it since there is a demand for this feature. We'll notify you here or via email once it's out! Smile
Yeah this would be excellent ? The biggest thing I'd hope to see is blocking adult content and enforcing safe search