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Full Version: lag issue
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Hello - I have FM working on 2 laptops - they are of very similar age and capacity/speed.
I find that FM works at an expected 'response speed' on one, but on the other, it seems to lag in responsiveness. 
Lagging examples: 
  • when I begin to type the password in the field, I can type 6 characters before I see any of the dots appear.
  • when I scroll the plans with the mouse, the movement of the plan list is delayed after I scroll the mouse wheel.
  • when I am trying to drag the schedule slider in making a plan, it delays in responding to my mouse click
On this machine I don't experience this type of lag in any other application.  
Any thoughts on what is making FM work slowly in this case?

Hi JL, this is one for our support department, rather than the community. Please visit this link: