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Hello -
When using FM for a parental control function, you are almost always setting up plans to using passwords - for start and stop, and for pausing.   
When setting up the plan - there are several places you are prompted to enter a password - as if the interface anticipates you might use a different password for each setting.  This is tedious.  It is unlikely for those using FM for parental control to want to have different passwords across all the plans.   A feature idea: allow users to set a 'master password' in the main settings - and then just toggle 'guard with password' on or off for each plan, instead of having to type in a new password (and match) each time you make a plan.  
What do you think?
Hi Flowers,

FM already allows a parental control "Master Password" in the Settings>General screen. You could, in theory, not place a password protection on any plan in the plans screen. Just enable/disable your desired plans, and then lock the entire app with either a random (which doesn't make sense for parental control) or a custom password from the settings. For obvious reasons, make 100% sure you have the password recorded correctly as you could easily lock yourself out of the app as well if you forgot.
Thanks for the reply JB007

I am aware of the master password feature - it seems to be mainly a feature to prevent people without the masterpassword from accessing FM completely.
Do you know if that same masterpassword is what is required to pause plans etc?
What I am suggesting is to streamline the passwords needed for pausing/altering individual plans.  
My kids are actually able (and willing) to add FM plans themselves (which is a real great thing for them to learn - helps them to start owning the process of managing distractions) and so I don't really want to block them out of the FM interface completely.
Hi Flowers,

Glad you know of this feature. The master password feature doesn't tie into plans, only to limiting access to the application.

As the program developers frequent this forum, hopefully they will consider it in future updates.


Hey Flowers6 and JB007! Glad to see an interaction in this part of the Forum! This is really interesting and useful to have! I have forwarded this suggestion to our devs. Smile
This new FM feature really helped me a lot!
(06-30-2023, 09:00 AM)mayomayo72218 Wrote: [ -> ]This new FM feature really helped me a lot!

So glad to hear that!  Smile Check around and/or if you haven't, navigate the FM app more and you'll see more new features!
Your feature idea of setting a "master password" in the main settings for parental control plans in FM (presumably referring to a specific parental control software or application) sounds like a practical and user-friendly enhancement. It addresses the inconvenience of having to repeatedly enter and match passwords for each individual plan.
Overall, the proposed feature has the potential to improve the user experience and password management in parental control plans. Careful consideration of security measures will be necessary to ensure its successful implementation and effective protection for users and their families.
  Dave The Diver
I really like this new FM feature
(10-03-2023, 08:39 AM)mariaponders Wrote: [ -> ]I really like this new FM feature

We're happy to hear that!  Smile

-Ryan Sagolili
The FocusMe Support Team
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