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Full Version: Random Characters display kerning
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Would it be possible to get the kerning between the character display and character entry areas to match? When using longer random character locks, the line breaks between the two areas aren't equal, which makes finding erroneously entered characters a much much more tedious process.  

I get that ease is not a priority for unlocking breaks, but if I want more difficult I can always increase the characters, which is also appropriately mindnumbing, but less painful than proofing. I'm so averse to setting longer locks for this reason now and it makes the program less useful to me for that reason. 

The easiest solution would be to use a monotype font - is there a specific reason why that's not done? Once again, I would think the difficulty of the lock is meant to be in typing it, and not in the more frustrating process of proofing it.

I see this as tangential but somewhat related to this post:

I should mention, I really appreciate the product overall, and value the continued support from the product team.
Thanks for bringing this up, Matthew! I have made a follow-up with our devs regarding this request. Big Grin