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Full Version: Feature Request: Automatic Break Scheduling
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I've only been using this program a few months, but it's helped me quite a bit. The only major issue I have with this program is the way the automatic breaks work.

For background, my work and home computers are the same one, and I use the automatic break function to make sure I get everything done, while still letting me enjoy the computer. As a safety in case I really need to keep using the computer, I have a really long numeric password that I wrote down and put in a very inconvenient place to get to.

The issue is that when my workday is over, I either have to go get the password and disable breaks, which is purposefully annoying, and may mean I forget or "forget" to activate it the next day, or I have to completely disable the program, which means I can't use it to force myself to go to bed when I should.

So this is a really long way of asking for the ability to limit automatic breaks to certain time windows. In a perfect world I could have different windows for weekdays and weekends, but even just the ability to make it automatically turn off after 5 PM would be amazing.

Apologies if this is a common request, I did some skimming and didn't see anyone mention it.
Hi there Caraamon! Thank you for your suggestion! No worries, we still ready your suggestions one by one. Adding an 'end time' setting for the breaks is actually a good idea and it hasn't been brought up before. Smile