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Full Version: Feature Request: Delayed Unlock
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Hi guys,

There's one feature though that would be a powerful addition  to FocusMe.... 

It's a delayed unlock 

So lets say I have a plan that blocks some social media and I'm doing work on a project and don't want to get distracted. Despite activating a plan sometimes I just unblock the plan to get access.... It happens in a brink of time. Sometimes I don't want to force lock myself out for a set time either.
So what would be a great way of dealing with that 'spike' of automatic and urgent need for distraction?
A delayed unlock. 

For this example I set the delay for unlock at 5 minutes. So I am doing work, I am distracted and somehow decide to deactivate the plan. But... now I have to wait 5 minutes. Shit. The good news is that it is enough time to get back in the grind again and do some good work. A system like this would be great. 

An important detail with the implementation is then how to handle what happens after the delay is finished and the plan unlocks as requested initially. 
Ideally there would be an option use it in a few minutes time or it locks again. So after it unlocks there's a timer and an automated lock scheduled, unless the user keeps it unlocked with one click. 

I can imagine it would be pretty complicated to create this, but it would be both user friendly and really playing into how the human mind works. 
And I can also imagine solutions that are not exactly like this, but move in this direction. 




Interesting idea you have there, Jos! Also, delaying the urge for a few minutes somehow 'kills' it and you may find yourself not needing to 'unlock' it anymore. Smile
(01-14-2020, 06:49 PM)alejandro Wrote: [ -> ]"Also, delaying the urge for a few minutes somehow 'kills' it and you may find yourself not needing to 'unlock' it anymore." Smile 

Yes exactly, that is what this is about. It's not my own idea, saw it browsing somewhere, but I think it's great.
Wow, that'd be an amazing feature!
This is a great idea. I would use this all the time.