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Full Version: FEATURE REQUEST: lock/unlock based on GPS
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Hey Jon and everybody else, 

I just had a cool idea... my phone is a hell of a distraction when I'm at home and should be working, but whenever I go out to get some food, I can't be productive anyway so that would be an ideal time to catch up on messages. But, depending on how the day is going, I can never be quite sure at what time that is going to be, so the timer or schedule features don't really work for that.

How about a feature that checks the phone's location and locks the apps when at home, but opens them when x yards from home based on GPS?


Hey Manny,

Yes it's a good idea but pretty hard to enforce as you could easily fool it by turning off GPS. It might work with the Wireless network name. I think there are other threads requesting this on the forum already. Certainly a nice to have feature but I'm not sure how soon we could implement it!

Hmm yeah, maybe this could be solved if there was an option like "require GPS to unlock"... so FocusMe won't unlock unless GPS is on?