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Full Version: Desktop plan starts on specific date
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I really like that in the mobile app there is possible to set the plan starting date. I use this a lot because I usually know what plan I want to be active in the future, but when the day comes I might not have the will to start it, so it is better to set it and just leave it there as a suprise for future me Big Grin . Could you implement this into the desktop version?

Hi @Andrew! Welcome to the FocusMe Community! 
We actually have a Scheduler feature on the desktop version. You can click here for more info. Smile
Yes I know but that is not what I meant. What I had in mind was the option not only to be able to set an end date but also a start date. For example I want to set up a plan but I want it to start in a month so I could set 22nd February as a start date and the plan would automatically start then.
Gotcha! That would be really useful as well specially if you have something scheduled like a training, seminar, or the likes. Smile