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Full Version: FocusMe fails to block Steam (and specific game)
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I just purchased FocusMe and tried to block Steam.

Unfortunately, it does not block Steam completely. There is a delay in opening Steam, but Steam is still executed.

Also, I added a plan to block Dota 2, a steam game. However it is still executed - FocusMe sends me back to the desktop screen, but the game is still running (so I can simply go back to the game by clickcking the application Icon on the task bar).

Is there a way to block Steam (and/or specific game in Steam) completely?

Thank you.


Hi @eatorange! Welcome to the FocusMe Community! 

You can go to FocusMe Settings  > System > How Specific Apps are Blocked, change it to Close

In addition, you can also check out this guide as a reference. Smile