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Full Version: I'll go first - here are my current plans
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Jon here, the creator of FocusMe!

Before I share my plans, I'll give you a bit of background:

My usual workday is from around 9-6pm and running my own business I do have the luxury of working from home. The downside is I often work far too much in the evenings and weekends though.

Before work, I try to do a few mins yoga/stretching (something like this this peaceful warrior workout but much less graceful - ha!) before having a black coffee (I do 15:9 intermittent fasting) and then getting down to business!

Here is a summary of my plans:

1 x scheduled daily plan to block email, social media and news from 00:00 until 10:00. I have found that when I start the day right, working on something important, that the whole day goes better and I am much less likely to get caught in a downward spiral! The plan is also in effect from 22:00 to 00:00. I'll often spend the first part of the day working the most important new feature for FocusMe!

1 x scheduled plan to block all apps from 10:45 to 11:00. I call this my daily workout plan. The only apps allowed are my file browser and some specific videos. I use this period to do a quick HIIT workout. I often start with this 5 minute no gym workout or if it's a good day then a longer kettlebell workout. After my workout it's 11am and I have earned my first food and a nice cappuccino.

1 x plan for Email Launch Limiting. This runs from 10am until 4pm. I allow 30 minutes use of email with each launch, and then a minimum 30 minute break after the launch. I don't limit by the total number so I have that set quite high on 20. This plan helps me stop myself getting caught up in email instead of doing my most productive work.

1 x plan from 4pm to 5pm to block all apps. I call this my 'reading time' plan. I have been trying to build a new habit of reading more, and noticed that this part of the afternoon I am not the most productive anyway. So this plan forces me to take a break from the computer.

I have the above 4 plans all set to start automatically daily and with forced protection while active so I can't cancel it.

1 x quick focus plan. This basically just blocks email, social media and news in case I want to focus on something hard. I'll just run this on demand whenever I need it during the day. I usually start with an hour and sometimes will extend the time if I am on a role!

I'll often work late in the evenings too, helping customers or bugfixing. But I have scheduled breaks setup in FocusMe to block my PC completely from 11pm until 7am. I have that on forced mode so there's no way to get around it.

That's about it for me. Let me know if you found this interesting! I would love to hear how YOU are all using FocusMe to be more productive!! Please create a new thread to share your setup. Thanks!