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Full Version: Use active password protection for existing plan on Android app
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I have already set up a plan which has "just block" listed underneath it in the Android app.  I would like to add active password protection to it.  However, when I click on edit  I only get the option to choose applications and then enter websites after which it says on the bottom of the screen "save" or "previous".  How can I edit the type of protection for the plan?


Hey there meetlaw! Welcome to the FocusMe community! Big Grin

Regarding your concern, you need to stop first the plan in order to edit the protection. If you still encounter the same problem, let us know here.
Thank you for your post. After all it sounds like you're trying to set up a new password protection plan rather than adding password protection to an existing plan. I advice to set up a new password protection plan, please open the app and go to the "Plans" tab. From there, select "+ Add Plan" and follow the instructions to create a new plan. Andersen
After enabling password protection, you should have the option to set a password for the plan. Follow the prompts or enter the desired password to secure your plan.