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Full Version: FEATURE REQUEST: Two types of timers to make them more useful
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Currently for any given plan there's an option to show a timer, or not.
My current plans are mainly active all the time, 24x7, blocking my less-productive activities, like reading news or whatever. I put the plans on pause for limited periods when I decide to indulge for a while.
So if I turn on a timer at all, it's there ALL THE TIME, because I've got the blocks active all the time.

I'd like you to turn the "Show timer" option into TWO different options, to make this feature actually useful to me! 
The first
option would be "Show Timer when Active". This would bring up a timer ONLY when a plan is active, like it says. This would be great for focused work periods.

The other would be "Show Timer During Pauses" (or when inactive, or however you want to phrase it)
This would bring up a timer only when I'm pausing a plan. In my case with my current plans, the pauses are the ONLY times I'm interested in seeing a timer.

Currently, the only way to show a timer when I'm pausing a plan is to keep the thing open all the time, eating up my screen space, or to keep the whole FocusMe window open when I pause it. I do the latter, but then I have to hunt for the remaining time on the big window amidst a lot of irrelevant data, which is inconvenient, and that whole window REALLY uses up a lot of screen space!!

Thanks for listening. I hope this can happen soon!
Hey @danby, this is indeed useful! Having a small timer shown during pauses keeps you on track of it. I'll let our dev team know about this.  Wink