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Full Version: FEATURE REQUEST: Custom Time period in Time Limit
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One of the USPs i find in FocusMe is having more options in TimeLimit. FocusMe got Hourly, daily, weekly monthly options in TimeLimit. That is terrific for people like me who work/study on their own without anyone else bossing around them to fix a schedule.

However it would be great if there was an option to set custom time period in Time Limit. As in ability to set an option like- time limit of X minutes for every Y amount of time period (Y being 2 hour, or 6 hours, or 2 days, or 9 days etc.. instead of the standard hourly, weekly, monthly options)

Hi zmartin!

Thank you for the suggestion! We'll see if this is possible in future. Meanwhile, you might checkout the launch limit feature which might do something like what you want:
Hi Jon,

Launch limiter is a wonderful feature. I can see so much potential for it. However as one launch means that the time count will start and won't pause even if we are to switch windows- Time Limit can offer an additional feature in that gap as written above by offering more customization.

Additionally, it would be nice in Launch Limiter to have an option to pause time count after a launch- when the window/tab/app is switched. Some might prefer the time running even then, and some might prefer that it pauses when the window is switched. An option would be helpful.

P.S: The rate at which you are improving your product and taking feedback from users, is quite amazing. I dare say it is the best now.
Thank you zmartin!

Regarding the launch limiter, I had the idea to implement an adjustable grace period. Lets say you set that to 60 seconds, then you could leave your launched site/app for up to 59 seconds and return to it without the launch ending. However, if you were on another task for 60+ seconds then the launch would end. How does that sound?

Thanks for your suggestion about pausing the launch time when switching apps, that is interesting. But I think your original request of a custom time limit period would negate the need for this.
Hi, I implemented the launch limit time out feature. Learn more here: