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Full Version: Typographic problem: rn vs m
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I had to type some string of random characters to unlock a break.

And some of the characters I had to type were :"rn".  It looked so much like a "m" that it took me a full 15 minutes to find the error. This is the second time this happens to me.

This is a common problem of typography.

There are some solutions.  One is kerning:
 Kerning is the process of adjusting character spacing for particular pairsof characters; sometimes it needs to be narrowed (as V and o shown here), and sometimes widened (e.g., to keep “rn” from looking too much like “m”).   See for more information :

Another solution would be to simply increase the space between each letters. This solution is simpler and efficient if the goal is not beautiful typography.
Good catch there! I find it hard to distinguish as well at first glance specially if you have a small screen. I have notified our devs about this. Wink