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Full Version: Alllow many changes of plans when active
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An active plan should be allowed to be modified in many ways:

1) Change of the name of the plan (already mentioned elsewhere)

2) Anything that further restricts the plan should be allowed.  Example include: adding random letters to type, changing a plan from random letters to forced mode, or making any schedule tighter, or allowing the plan to be restarted automatically the next day, or extending a plan with a certain end, etc.

3) It should be possible to fully view the plan, even when active.  Right now if I want to understand an active plan, I have to clone it, just to view it.

Finally, to avoid errors, make sure the user confirm the changes.
Thanks for there suggestions PRR! This will truly improve FocusMe in many ways. I'll let our dev team know about this. Smile
Regarding 3), being able to fully view plans while active should be an option that can be de-selected.

I can imagine parents don't want their kids to be able to view a plan in its entirety and spot exactly where the holes might be — much better to maintain appearances that the plan is watertight.
^ Yeah I agree with that. Maybe we could put some setting to turn it on/off. Smile