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Full Version: Dealing with large number of banned webpages
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Currently the lists, plans, etc. do not make it handy to ban large number of websites.

At this point, I want to ban every single website that I find distracting, this currently include a number of websites in the hundreds, and will possibly reach a number in the low thousands (over several years).

But of course, I want to be able to search and manipulate that list, for example to unban a site that was not distracting in the end.


1) Enable alphabetical ordering of banned websites.
2) Enable easier scrolling down/searching, etc. of banned websites.
Hey PRR!

Your suggestions are duly noted. You can also use whitelist and just allow the websites that you would like to use. Smile
Hi alejandro,

White-list would not work very well for me at this point.  I often want to be able to search information on google, and I don't know on which website I will end up.  But I want to avoid anything related to news, games, social networks.  The number of gaming websites, news-websites is very high. So it means banning hundreds of pages.
Yeah that would be tiresome to load everything into 1 plan. Have you tried using RegEx with FocusMe?
(09-20-2019, 02:44 PM)alejandro Wrote: [ -> ]Have you tried using RegEx with FocusMe?

Yes, I do use some regular expressions. I like the feature.  I have banned a few keywords.

But, regular expressions do not cover everything I want.
Great to hear you are using it. Smile It's a big help for banning unknown websites.