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Full Version: FEATURE REQUEST: disable internet // switch off computer
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Hey, everyone, 

I've been thinking it'd be great to have a block feature that puts the laptop in airplane mode and disconnects from the internet altogether.

And another one that shuts off the computer, or forces it to shut down immediately (if it's on or if you boot it).

Sometimes what's needed for a digital detox is no internet AT ALL... and sometimes, no screen time AT ALL.



Hey there Manny!

You actually have a good idea there. Keep it coming, we'll let our dev team know about this and who knows, it might be implemented in the future releases.

And yes, I agree that digital detox is good once in a while so you could enjoy your surroundings more. Smile
I seriously want something that does not just ban websites, browser, but really bans all internet.

+1 here.

For no screen at all, you can use Breaks.
Thanks - what's breaks? Do you have a link?
But I don't think that when the device is not connected to the internet it will automatically switch to airplane mode, just the opposite is that when it is in airplane mode it will definitely disconnect.
However, I don't believe that the device will automatically enter airplane mode when the internet connection is lost; on the contrary, I believe that it will disconnect once in airplane mode.

I think forcing the computer shut down immediately is not good for your computer, so the second features is not neccesary. This is my personal opinion