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Full Version: show timer in taskbar
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I love having the timer notification. It would be helpful it could stay running in the taskbar or on top of the window currently being used.
Thanks for the suggestion! We do plan to add an option to display the timer in the taskbar.
Hello Jon,
Has this feature been added? I can see where I can show the timer, but not one to show it in the taskbar.
Hey, Guys! It's been a while and hope you are all doing well! Currently, the timer in the taskbar is not available yet. Although, yes! There's already a way for it to stay on top of the window/s being used. How is that working so far? Smile

We're monitoring the number of requests about this. That said, may we ask your help to file a ticket here:

We'll give you guys an update as soon as we can. Thanks and stay safe!