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Full Version: Synchronization settings and parental controls
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I would like to be able to make a plan specific to a device or devices (to use synchronization for parental controls, to allow for different kids needing different blocks, and for me to have my own ones that are also different).

Alternatively, as a temporary workaround I would like to be able to stop synchronization after a plan has been started - that way I could start a block that would affect a child's computer, but pause synchronization after syncing so that I could then have different plans active on my own PC. (It would also be good to be able to pause and restart synchronization without the restart leading to the shared folder having to be chosen again, unless for some reason that folder can't be found any more when synchronization is restarted.)

I've used lots of different kinds of blocking software over the years, for me and for kids, and they all have their advantages and disadvantages. With FocusMe I really like how easy it is to set up and tweak plans, and the different passwords for different actions (stop, pause etc.) are an excellent feature. I think it's got lots of potential for being used by parents, but the plans do need to be different for different client PCs. I really need to be able to stop, start and edit machine-specific plans from my own computer at any time, with changes then picked up by the next routine synchronization from the client PC (one other kind of software I use does this for starting plans, but they then can't be stopped even by the parent, which is frustrating).

I would also like my kids to be able to make their own plans that would not be removed by a sync - so I suppose I'm also asking for the ability to have a set of 'local' plans that aren't synchronized or removed by a sync. That way kids can gradually take responsibility for setting up plans that work for them and help them get work done, without them always having to be imposed by a parent (I have one older teen who is getting towards that point).

For now though I would mainly like machine-specific plans.

Great ideas. We'll try to implement this in the next update to device sync. Thanks! Smile