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Full Version: "Break Now" with delay-option
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Hi FocusMe team,

I would love to see the option to "break now" with delay.

This would help me, when I just need my PC for a small task of 5-10 mins.
Then I could press the "break now with delay"-button or "break soon"-button, so I don't get stuck for longer than required for the task at hand.
As a result the break would start automatically after 10 mins e.g..
This is different than the other break options as I would have to reset my break settings every time after I use them for this one time break.
With plans i would be possible too, but even more complicated for this little tast of a break not starting now, but in 10 mins.

What do you guys think about this idea?

Hey Johannes,

I love it, in fact it's a feature I have wanted myself before.

It should not be too hard to implement either, so when we can, we will! Smile