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Full Version: Dark theme for Windows app
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Hello! I`ve been using FocusMe for around 1.5 years now and so far everything is going great!
However, I have an eye problems and usually i`m using the dark themes on every app that has it, and it`s one of the most important features in my case
Would be happy to have in FocusMe!
Thank you!


Hey, Keishora. Good to know you're liking FocusMe!

We hear you on the dark theme and it does sound like there are users who would benefit greatly from it.

Our dev team is working on improving the interface so they can probably add this feature in there as well.
I would love to see a dark theme for focusme!  Cool I also have problems with my eyes -I'm myopic and staring at white screens gives me dry eye so I use the dark theme option whenever it is available.  Smile

You know what would also be cool- the option to customise the blank screen for breaks! You could choose different colours or add a quote!
Yeah, dark theme will be superb Wink
OK this seems like a popular idea. I'll talk to our designer. Smile
How do you all like it so far?  Wink

(07-11-2019, 09:59 AM)jon Wrote: [ -> ]How do you all like it so far?  Wink

Honestly I'm not a big fan, just use dark grey on most parts and a dark blue for toolbar.
Also, please please please add support for following Windows theme, so we can have light theme for mornings and dark theme for nights.
I have the same issue

But perhaps dark "themes" might be an option? The dark blue above looks great and some people might love it, I personally prefer dark greys/blacks - its also easier on the eyes for night modes etc.

Thanks Jon!
Why was this suggestion not done? I use the FocusMe Scheduled Breaks to stop me from using my computer near my bedtime routine, and the bad part is the blue color, as it definitely is giving off blue light, which has been proven to stop the production of natural melatonin. A dark theme will definitely support better sleep, as well as healthier on the eyes, especially later at night. Just let the user customize the color. It may be better seen as Theme Personalization. To each their own. Those that prefer a black background with grey text can do so. Those that prefer a black background with white text can do so. Those that prefer a pink background with neon green text, can do so as well. That's the best implementation, along with options such as a scheduler and auto change by sunset and sunrise.

To start with, the first version just allowing the background and text customization.

It's a feature requested last year. Why hasn't it been implemented?

I should also add, I too have eye issues. My right eye is extra sensitive, another reason I support this.
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