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Full Version: Longer random password on mobile app
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Kia ora e te whānau, hello family,

On my mobile (android), when I want to set a random password, I'm limited to 100 characters. I'm visually oriented and good with symbols, so when I'm in the mood to rebel, typing in 100 random characters is a fun challenge. I really need this to go into four columns of numbers, or at least up to 500 characters, to be effective. Anyone else find this?


Hi! Yes, you're not the only one who has requested this (but you're the first to create a thread about it). Our dev team has this on their list. I'm sure they'll get to it as soon as they can.

In the mean time I would suggest creating exact copies of your plan. That way you would have to unlock them all if you're "in the mood to rebel" Smile Create as many copies as you need!
Thanks for letting me know, Glenn. Good to know they've got it on their list. I will create many copies of my plan once my Focus From / Focus Until pop-up is sorted (that's the subject of another ticket - Jon's onto it).