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Full Version: Stop plans after spending time on certain apps/websites
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Hi there,
First of all I want to say how much I love this app already. It is by far the best distraction blocker that I have used and has really helped my productivity and life in general. 
I do have a suggestion on how to improve FocusMe even more, and that is to be able to setup a plan to end not just when you type in a password, but when you have spent time on another app/website. 
For example it would be really useful if I was able to block youtube, twitter and other distracting websites each day, but be able to look at them after I have spent 2 hours on a website that I use to do homework, or after an hour on Microsoft word where I need to write a report.
I'm not sure how technically feasible this is, but I have been impressed with the customer service I have received from FocusMe so far, so decided to post my idea on here  Smile
Hi Isaac, another user requested, I think, the same thing:

We do like the idea, but you are right that it's kind of challenging to do. We'll definitely keep this in mind for the future though! Smile
Hi I like this idea very much! I am very much looking forward to the implementation of this feature in Focusme!