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Full Version: Time limit feature for White-listed Apps and Websites.
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Imagine the time limit feature for blocked websites but in reverse. Instead, of giving a time limit to spend on distractions before they are blocked for the day. You attribute that time limit to the apps and websites you want to focus on. Once, you have spent that time on the website or app your distractions unlock. This would be perfect for people with very inconsistent schedules, giving them the chance to focus on the things that need to get done, whilst keeping their schedules flexible.  This would also  provide a laser targeted approach to what needs to be focused on. By allowing you to order all of your tasks by a level of importance. You can chain them accordingly by having one unlock after the other through the black list/ white list function. This could prevent the user from getting overwhelmed. I truly hope this gets considered and thanks Jon for giving me a platform to suggest this.


Hey, this sounds like a good idea! It reminds me of an unlocked achievement or a reward you get when finishing a level in a game. It may also be a good way to promote positive reinforcement.
Thank you!! It's something I always wanted to see in a program such as this one. The ability to set milestones and customize achievements that'll grant you a reward like 30 minutes to play your favorite game, movie, etc. which will encourage you to get tasks done in an efficient manner.
Hi I like this idea very much! I am very much looking forward to the implementation of this feature in Focusme!