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Full Version: UI Suggestions
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Hi guys,

As you know from my regular emails I love this software and how much more powerful and customisable it is than any other similar products out there.

I love the regular updates and improvements and now that Firefox is working properly it's even more useful for me.

I've got three suggestions with regards to UI that I think would be useful:

1. The ability to create (ideally coloured) custom Categories on the main plan page. I, like many I imagine, have lot's of plans and while you can move them around to put them in order it's still a bit clunky having them all visible at once. It would be nice if various plans could be nested within categories and then with a click a full-size drop down of the included plans is revealed (or hidden again).

2. I'd love if the Plan Settings/Create a Plan window could be dragged and resized. On some of my plans on the Blacklist/Whitelist pages I have many hundreds of lines of websites and RegEx and it's a chore only showing a few lines at once. Also on this same topic I'd love if the little scrolling icon on the Blacklist/Whitelist pages was larger. It's tiny and a pain to click on and drag with when dragging up and down lot's of lines of websites trying to find one you want to adjust or remove.

3. This might be trickier but over on the main Plans page I wish FocusMe allowed you to click and drag plans up and down the list with some kind of animation where the Plans underneath would slide up or down out of the way. Right clicking a plan and 'Move Up' over and over again is a really tedious and old fashioned way of working. Being able to click, drag and drop plans to the position you want them would make things so much simpler and keep the app looking nice and modern too.

Do you think any of these ideas are good or are doable?




Hi InternetFiend. We apreciate the kind words! It's great to hear you like FocusMe that much.

Thanks for all your suggestions as well! Color-coding the plans can definitely help as well as dragging them around. The dev team also knows about the settings wizard and maybe they can do something about it being resizable as well.

Hi, quick update: dragging to change the order of plans is done in version Smile